netvideo - Streaming Video Sample Clips

Streaming Video Sample Clips

The latest in video / audio technologies for the Internet! netvideo takes advantage of both RealAudio™, RealVideo™ and VDOLive technologies, enabling you to view a video / audio clip as it is being downloaded.

In order to view streaming video clips, you must first download the RealPlayer or VDOLive Player software, and you need a 28.8 modem connection (or better). Reception varies depending on internet traffic.

BA*TV "Building America"
Creative Kids Creative Movie Clip
MediaMart Take It Off!
Strategic Persuasions Healthcare Ad Sample
Nobody for President Wavy Gravy is Nobody's Fool
Joint Venture Silicon Valley "Driven by Dreams"
NASA K-12 Internet Initiative "Global Quest II: The Internet in the Classroom"
netvideo KNTV Channel 11 News Broadcast

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