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Emerging Technology Panel

Nathan Brookwood, Peter Glaskowsky,
Gary Smith, David Weilmuenster

November 20th, 1997

Settling on the right idea to base your new venture on is a difficult proposition. The pace of technological change is furious. Combine this with increasingly competitive markets, and you face a daunting challenge identifying markets that are large enough to be attractive, but defensible. A crystal ball would be quite handy: you could look forward and anticipate new markets, or identify new ways to serve existing markets. In the absence of this capability, we've done the next best thing. We've assembled a panel of experts who will share their thoughts on entrepreneurial opportunities in selected emerging technologies.

This evening's highlighted technologies will be Electronic Design Automation (EDA), semiconductors, multi-media and wireless communications. Our panel will consist of Gary Smith (Dataquest), Nathan Brookwood (Dataquest), Peter Glaskowsky (MicroDesign Resources) and David Weilmuenster (Andrew Seybold Consulting Group).

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Gary Smith is a director and principal analyst for the Electronic Design Automation program in Dataquest's Online, Multimedia, and Software group. He is responsible for all research, publications, and client projects relating to the electronic design automation marketplace, and is involved in research and consulting projects in the emerging methodologies in RT Level and ES Level design. Mr. Smith joined Dataquest in 1994 after 20 years of experience in Electronic Design. Mr. Smith earned his BSEE from the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland.

Nathan Brookwood serves as principal analyst for the Personal Computer Semiconductors and Applications Worldwide program in Dataquest's Semiconductor group, and also supports research in Dataquest's Embedded Microcomponents Worldwide program. He directs research on microprocessors used in computational and embedded applications, including personal computers, workstations, and servers, with special emphasis on those based on X86 and popular RISC architectures. Mr. Brookwood received a BSEE degree from M.I.T.

Peter Glaskowsky, a senior analyst for MicroDesign Resources, specializes in 3D and multimedia technology. Mr. Glaskowsky focuses on products and trends in these areas, and contributes to Microprocessor Report and the MDR Technical Library. Recently he authored the special report "Beyond Conventional 3D". Peter joined MicroDesign Resources from Integrated Device Technology, where he was chief engineer with the Systems Technology Group, involved in product definition and system-level design and analysis. He has also held engineering positions at SuperMac, Telebit, and General Dynamics.

David Weilmuenster has recently joined Andrew Seybold (ASCGI) after 20 years experience in the information technology and communications industries. Prior to joining ASCGI, Mr. Weilmuenster was Director, Market Development, in Mtel's (SkyTel's) Advanced Applications Group where he was responsible for identifying, developing, and closing strategic partnerships to combine mobile computing products and Mtel's Advanced Messaging networks into effective solutions for end users. He was also Director, Business Development, at RadioMail Corporation. Mr. Weilmuenster has widespread experience in end-user and channel sales in information technology at IBM and Conner Peripherals (now Seagate Technology). Mr. Weilmuenster earned a Bachelor Degree of Science in Physics from MIT in 1975, and a Master of Science in Operations Research from MIT in 1977. He is a past President and Director of the MIT Club of Northern California.

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